My thesis commissioner had presented me two topics. Topic A made more sense to me, it was more logical and simpler to research, but it was absolutely not a topic that I liked to work with. Topic B was really close to me, I felt that I would really enjoy working on it even if it seemed to be much more complex to find all the materials I needed (as it turned out to be).

So, what to choose? The easier one, to which I would struggle dedicating myself but finish earlier, or the complex one, which I would enjoy working on, no matter how long it took? I did want to have my diploma as fast as possible…. but I cannot imagine myself doing something as important as a thesis and at the same time having a feeling of allergy to it. My head said one thing, my gut feeling said another. What to listen?

Let your dogs decide for you

My thesis commissioner said. Hmm… curious, could it work?

Dogs are empathic animals, and so are wolfdogs. That means that they can react to the behaviour, energy and feelings of other beings, it is not magic, but pure science. In coaching, these empathic skills of the dog is used. Dogs don’t lie, they simply react to the impulses that the environment is giving them, they do it constantly, here and now. Not thinking on what will happen in 5 minutes, or on what happened 1 hour ago, they live in the now, the very present time.

Have you ever heard about “personal space”? Dogs have that too. If you start entering their personal space, you will see that they will start displaying behaviours. Each dog will show it in their own way, like humans would. You can look at personal space like a field, an energy field. If you pay attention, depending on how you enter a dog’s personal zone it will be more tolerant or not. Yes, the same happens with humans, but humans tend to hide reaction due to ethics and all those humans things 😀

So I took two papers, on one paper I wrote Topic A, and on the other, Topic B. I put both papers on the ground, with a small distance between each other. I created a little field. Has it ever happened to you that you read a word while you’re waiting to catch the bus, or while you’re waiting in line at the supermarket, or in any other situation in which, only by reading that word, you had thoughts which connected to that word? And with these thoughts, feelings, even if the smallest ones? I knew what was written on the papers, I knew all what was linked to the words written on them.

I started by standing on this piece of paper, with Topic A.
Then I moved onto Topic B.

I did this several times. Switched from one paper to another, and took my time, to settle on each. I understand that images can be tricky, but what can you observe between the two images? Similar behaviours occurred every time I stepped on a paper (the behaviours would be similar every time I stepped on Topic A, and would change when I stepped on Topic B). Could be coincidence? Could be many things. All I know is that every time a dog picks an energy field, it reacts to it.

At a certain point my dogs wouldn’t follow me anymore. They all aligned themselves on Topic B’s side, and they stayed there. Honestly, no matter how much they like to be in contact with one another, this was the first time I saw them aligned like that, with very little space. However, every time I would move to Topic A, they would show mild stress signals like yawning, or looking away.

It is not about believing, it is about experiencing. In different times of the day we may create energy fields which we might not even be aware of. If you live with someone else, you might be able to notice how the energy state of one can influence the state of the other. Or sometimes you are in a place with more people seated next to you, have you experienced to feel something about a particular person seated there to whom you never spoke before? And you don’t know where it comes from, it’s just a feeling. It could be that you pick up his or her energy field.

There are studies that show how the body molecules alterate depending on the emotions you feel, it is so fascinating how our scientific little bodies can also reacts to things that cannot be touched nor seen.

Next time you have such a feeling “out of nowhere”, you could pay attention to it, see where it might come from. Is your head creating it? Your heart? Both? If you are around animals, what is their reaction?

Curious to experience something like that? Flow’s team says: come, settle in, let it flow.