She wanted to move on with her life. Whatever that meant, she couldn’t explain, she was just feeling stuck, like she could not make any progress or get out of something. Everything was so vague and seemed so big for her to handle. I was wondering if we cold get somewhere since for me it was also a challenge to understand where to start. While seated, she kept her hands one on the other the whole time. It is like they could not be separated. Her whole body communicated this feeling of being “imprisoned”, but to what, was still very unclear. We kept talking and the longer we talked, the stronger her hands would hold onto each other. Perhaps Kira would be able to see what I couldn’t. Perhaps I was looking too hard. I asked her to walk with Kira on the leash around the room. After the first steps, she couldn’t stop looking at Kira…like if she was begging her to look at her as well. Kira didn’t want to go away, but wouldn’t look at her either. She started tightening the leash as much as she could, and she would only walk around the room’s corners. Also when she stopped walking, she would do it in a corner. “Is there something, that you can’t let go?” Suddenly the whole huge ‘feeling in cage (or perhaps, in a corner, like her body was showing)’ stopped at a previous relationship. When she started talking about it, she tightened even more the leash. She held so hard onto it. Kira was not feeling bothered, which amazed me since she likes to have space. But this time she was just there, it is like she couldn’t even feel the pressure of the tighten leash, because she was anyway there. I asked her to walk again with Kira. This time she stops in the middle of the room. No words are said. Kira lays on the ground. The leash finally becomes loser. I ask her to let Kira go. “I can’t. I don’t even know why, but I don’t want to. If I let her go, she will walk away from me, and it feels like I will never see her again”. I insisted. She unleashed Kira. Kira didn’t move. She kept looking at Kira like if she was expecting and fearing Kira to leave at any moment. Nothing. I asked her to come back to where we were sitting. Kira just stayed there. “It is incredible that now that I let it go, and I see that she is still there, and even when I walk somewhere, she is still there, I feel her presence even stronger than when I kept her tight close tome”. And she released a very deep breath. Like if all her ‘leashes’ had let her, and most importantly, she had finally let them. Which didn’t mean they never existed or that they were always something bad.