Do you often make plans for your life? Do you really plan or do you expect situations to follow their course and then wait to see what happens? It is human to have desires; these help create projections for the future. But what happens if by chance you have a plan that is very important and meaningful to you, but you don’t know what step to take to make it happen? You find yourself reflecting on that first step and in your mind you create different situations and scenes focusing on the realization of your plan, but unfortunately you feel that there is not a clear starting point. The days pass … and that dream, which one day made you happy, has now become like a dark room; and every time you enter that room you feel lost, confused … among other things you can’t even see very well given the darkness of that room … what could you do to light up that room? Why did this dream become so heavy in your life, while it once made you happy?
It’s your dream, and nobody can make it more truthful than yourself. You are the architect of your life and your future, and if you wait for other people or if you wait for opportunities to take the first step towards your dream, your dream will do nothing but wait. Waiting and hoping are not actions. Finding the light inside yourself can be difficult. Do you remember the dark room? Here, in the same way it is difficult to find the switch when you can’t see anything. But the switch is there, it is there, and in the same way your light is also inside you, but “it must be” only sought. In words it seems simple, but to be honest, it is simple. Find that little light inside yourself and let it shine, give it the space to grow, dare to take the first step in that dark room to find your light, light up your dream, so that this dream makes your life even more bright. Everything starts with you.