Kira opened a whole new world to me. The world which I believe I have always been looking for, my whole life. As crazy as it sounded in the beginning, or, as unsure, I kept following every possibility regarding it…coaching with dogs, my wolfdogs! Everything about it was like a magnet, pulling me to it.

It all started in a soft way, thanks to the connection I saw created between Kira and other people, mainly those in need of something. I always visualized the image in my head of paws and hands united. Yes, I knew how I had to call “us”: Paws&Hands. It was literally how it started…. Kira giving her paws to those who offered their hands….in this can be seen as a metaphor as well. I couldn’t think about a better name.

The duo became a trio, and the trio became a pack. People abroad started to get to know us. I was following a flow. We were a pack, each one of us had a pack, yes, because as Rudyard Kipling (author of The Jungle Book) said, the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.I myself am a lonely wolf, it is a bit a pattern in my system (from Systemic Coaching), which I didn’t like so much in the beginning, but now recognize the power and the beauty of it, and embrace it as I embrace Kipling’s sentence.

It was time to make part of this flow, which has accompanied me for many years, in different shapes (not always physical ones). So now Flow is born, with which I wish to bring others the same wolf insights that wolves have brought me.